Richard Rouska

Richard Rouska was 16 in 1977 when Punk gave him the perfect opportunity to channel his anger and creativeness. In 1979 Richard bought his first scooter and became number one of his own club, The Scooter Club Hull.In the early eighties

Richard published several Modzines and was regarded as a leading authority on the Modernist lifestyle and movement. By the time of the miners’ strike in 84’ he had a reputation as an activist and leading light on the regional independent music scene having published numerous fanzines for both himself (Rouska) and well as writing for the Record Mirror.

For an uncomfortably short time he tried his hand as The Mauled Avenger, a ranting poet. His first gig was at the York Music Festival in 1984 and last at John Keenan’s Mini-Futurama Festival in 1985.

In 1985 Richard became the proud co owner of Rouska Records with bases in Leeds, New York, and Hamburg. The label un-leashed a plethora of releases at home and in the US by artists as diverse as The DUstdevils, Little Brother, Son Of Sam, The Cassandra Complex and Third Circle. On Rouska’s subsequent demise in 1988 Mick Mercer said: “Rouska puts the quality of mu-sic before muddier considerations. Rouska is a home of the brave. Rouska is simply too good for its own honesty!”

Richards own band WMTID, would live to fight another day. In its first incarnation as Well Martin, This Is Different the line up featured Jez Willis (Utah Saints) and was described, on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ by Seething Wells, as being the worst band in the world. Jools Holland, on the ‘Tube’, blamed the Smiths! A re-vamped WMTID went on to find that elusive critical acclaim and release two albums with Richard as writer and vocalist.

Somewhere along the way Richard also produced ‘Songs From Under The Floorboard’, an independently produced and world-wide syndicated radio show; managed several bands and published music through his company, '63' Music.

In the early nineties Richard set up his own PR company working for such luminaries as Tom Robinson, Drug Free America and Cherry Red. In addition he freelanced for several regional newspapers including the LOP, Yorkshire Evening Post and York-shire Post. Notwithstanding he was also one dysfunctional half of the comedy duo Selwyn And Dick.

In 1993 Richard set up Berserk Publishing, producing the influential monthly Yorkshire magazine Panic; plus two books: Scam and Nervous Breakdown.

In 2000 he re-appeared as Head Of Marketing at the legendary Leeds City Varieties Music Hall; plus sundry other activities too depraved and incidental to relate here. After a sabbatical casting swine before pearls Richard is currently once again at large. No one is safe – least of all Richard! 1977cc