By Richard Rouska


The second instalment in the Richard Rouska saga. After the failure of Rouska Records Richard channels his energies into PANIC, a free Yorkshire magazine which at its height is a corporate success story. Realising his mistake Richard transforms it into the weirdest, solatious, anti-corporate, anti-everything alternative music n'listings mag there has ever been. This is that story, 66 issues, 1993-2000.

Richard recounts the heady times of alternative magazine publishing in nineties Yorkshire as well as his continued quest for infamy. Panic, Selwyn And Dick, Jerusalem, Dave Beer, Papa Lazarou, Utah Saints, David Icke, John Cooper Clarke, Leeds City Varieties, Johnny Vegas, Bill Nelson, The Camp Boys, Ken Dodd, Richard And Judy, Fishermen’s Friends, Chumbawamba ... If any of these names mean anything to you then they mean even less to Richard who has defiled them all in the shame of ruck n’roll.

It’s just too good to wish upon
even your worst enemy!

Thrown in for good measure Richard's continued dalliance with building a recording empire; time spent as half of the dysfunctional Selwyn & Dick comedy duo; servant of Blair's New Labour beast and Head of Marketing at the world famous City Varieties Music Hall.

Anecdotes too rich to miss
Rare pictures and insights to boot!

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