Humble Beginnings

WMTID’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a support slot with the Cassandra Complex at Teeside University in 1985. The Cassandra Complex had lost their support en route and Richard Rouska (editor of Rouska fanzine) and Ian Chamberlain (Tongue in Cheek fanzine), there to review the gig, were ordered to be the support for the night. Ian christened the band Well Martin, This Is Different after reading graffiti on a toilet wall.Richard borrowed a guitar from the Cassandra Complex. Ian took a bible from the dressing room and Richard bought camouflage face paint and combat fatigues from a nearby Army And Navy Store. Ten minutes on stage, a cacophony of feedback and readings from the book of Revelations later and a packed student bar was silent with fear. Inspired by the adrenalin surge from performing live and the affect they had on these poor students, Ian and Richard went in search of other like minded individuals to complete the line-up. More live performances resulted and many plugs were pulled.

The Worst Band In The World?

Well Martin.... soon earned a reputation for intimidating promoters and destroying equipment on stage. A video track featuring Well Martin… with Jez Willis (Utah Saints) on bass found its way onto a video compilation Cut To The Beat. Well Martin…was mentioned twice on national television: once by ranting poet Seething Wells (NME) on the revamped Old Grey Whistle Test describing Well Martin… “as the worst band in the world” and by Jools Holland on the Tube citing Well Martin as being all the Smiths fault. Well Martin’s.. postscript was a track 'Blood Like Water' on the Raging Sun compilation, on Richards newly found label Rouska.

Euro Indie Hit

Well Martin went into a state of flux and returned as the duo of Richard Rouska and Sean Albiez. The sound changed from post punk pop to structured guitar thrash, feedback and hi-tech beats n’rhythms . Contributions to other Rouska compilations followed before WMTID scored a minor Euro indie hit with 12” 'Transfacist'.Mr. Spencer (Sounds) described it as “fearsomely enigmatic” and sales were sufficiently positive for Rouska to unleash a second 12”, the double A sided 'Go Big Red' / 'Global Casino' which also featured the talents of Martin Kelly (Third Circle), Chris Bishop (Son of Sam) and Andy Booth (the Cassandra Complex). National UK and Euro press followed, sales outstripped all other Rouska artists and inroads were made into the US market.The lights went out at Rouska Records as their distributors Red Rhino (Europe) and Fundamental (USA) plus various other indie institutions went to the wall in the great crash of 88/89’.

WMTID, the strongest of the Rouska roster, swiftly found a new home with Concrete Productions, home of the Funky Alternatives compilations.Richard and Sean sought out producer Dave Goodman, the innocent hands behind early Sex Pistols releases to produce WMTID’s debut album. 'The Electric Church' was the result, an unholy cacophony of sound awash with samples (as well as tunes), a respectful nod to Martin Luther King, the ultra violence of Robocop, US glam rockers Kiss, Jackie Onassis, the Berlin Wall (which had still to fall) and a homage to Euro cultural capital Barcelona.

Well Martin This Is Different perform 'Three Little Words' earning themselves the title of Worst Band in The Universe on OGWT. Jez (Utah Saints) on bass. RR in beret bearing dodgy moustache.


Year Catalogue No. Title Label Format Contribution
1986 Profane 9 'Profane 9' Rouska 10" Compilation Contributed ‘Nine Years’
1987 Profane 45 ‘Transfascist’ Rouska 12" Single
1987 Concord 18CD 'Zarah Leander's Greatest Hits' Rouska CD Compilation Album Contributed ‘Nine Years’
1988 Profane 81 ‘Go Big Red’/’Global Casino’ Rouska 12" Single
1988 UGRA1 'Rouska's Dollar Cacophony' Rouska / Underground Vinyl Compilation Album Contributed ‘Onassis’ and ‘(Welcome to the) Global Casino’
1989 CDPROD CD/LP 007 ‘The Electric Church’ Concrete Productions CD/Vinyl Album
1989 CDPROD CD/LP 003 'Funky Alternatives Vol. 3' Concrete Productions CD/Vinyl Compilation Album Contributed‘ (Welcome to the) Global Casino’
1991 ADOR001 ‘Pale Saint’ D.O.R. CD/Vinyl Album

-Well Martin This Is Different MkII:
Andy, Lisa, Ian, Richard & Liz.

Critical Acclaim

'The Electric Church' received much acclaim at home and abroad, mass Euro airplay and established WMTID as a punk/disco/EBM act to be reckoned with.Sean and Richard failed to capitalise on this success and tore each other apart over which musical direction they should take. A split followed and it was two years before the duo worked together again, albeit at arms length on the rough and unready pot pouri of “classic pop” (Deadhead) that was 'Pale Saint'.'Pale Saint' bombed from a great height and WMTID split in 1992. Richard pursued a career in journalism, marketing, stand up comedy and as a lecturer in media/music industry in the north. Sean journeyed south and established himself as a lecturer in popular culture becoming a respected authority on electronica and post punk music.

Richard, Georgina & Sean. WMTID II


Andrew Booth (Cassandra Complex), Paul Dillon (Bazooka Joe And Cassandra Complex), Martin Kelly (Third Circle), Jez Willis And Keith Langley (Cassandra Complex, Utah Saints And MDMA), Chris Bishop (Son of Sam And Good Shepherds), Robin Stokes (Son of Sam And Good Shepherds), Philip Parkin, Neil Steal and Georgina (Son of Sam And Good Shepherds).


“Quasi NY-Euro disco…like Level 42 with their big end caught in their flies.” -Underground

“Turkish beat boys (with) muscular techno drive.” -Melody Maker

“Two more slabs of dance floor techno-beat from Leeds’ Hit Squad. Global Casino has a hook New Order would have given their eye-teeth for…You could rob banks to this.” -Leeds Other Paper

“WMTID flip the lid on the wild and weirdly metal ballroom dancing scene that’s rockin’ the sox off Leeds. “Global Casino” is fabulously repetitive and way too short.” -Myrna Minkoff - NME

'Barcelona' taken from debut LP
'The Electric Church'.

“Pumping along mercilessly is WMTID’s “Go Big Red”…a number that wouldn’t sound out of place in the better class of Berlin rubber club.” -The Catalogue

Pale Saint is “a classic pop album” -Deadhead

“Transfascist pulsates, a tangle of hi-tech venom and a wicked rhythm that’ll shift the microns in your body. Fearsomely enigmatic.” -Sounds

“If you like ..crunching, mesmeric beats, harsh synth over guitar overlays ...then WMTID is a valuable precis to Britain’s contribution to the state of things.Martin Aston - Q Magazine “...a fabulous sexy shudder of techno beats and erotic voices. A euroscape of sinister violence. -Melody Maker

“The magnitism of its (The Electric Church) violence and beauty is too strong to ignore. An impressive LP. **** -Sounds

“A terrific fully tuned engine rollercoasting along crushing all in its path.” -Sounds